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fingers crossed for ms sustainability 2018

vegan banana split, april 2018 - ben & jerry’s x 2, coconut cream, chocolate sauce and peanuts

One of the reasons I moved to this suburb of mine early 1990ies was that it's the countryside with close links to Stockholm city - about 30 minutes with commuter train - fresh air, grand views, woods, walks, a serenity you will never get living in the city - which I love obviously, but I would never ever live there again. Inner city born and spent my first five years there before we moved to the suburbs, on the very opposite side of the city where I live today - I need room to breath, less people, crowds and traffic, more nature and green spaces. Might be the introvert me speaking. Or just nature loving.

Unfortunately things have changed a lot since I moved here. There has been a generic building frenzy these past 10 or so years, with no care for the beautiful green spaces. Instead of using the already built upon places, like obsolete tennis courts, industrial (non toxic) areas and so forth the county politicians (no matter political colour) see it fit to bulldoze nature and the important green open spaces. In some unholy alliance with building companies, which obviously isn't unique for this county, but close to home makes it easier to grasp.

One of the more recent bulldozing is based on some crazy idea that we need yet another shopping centre out here. As if the large shopping area 10 minutes drive from here, including IKEA and an outlet village and other shops, isn't enough. Agenda 2030 and encouraging consumerism aren't compatible. I'm so tired of politicans not making such simple connections.

Off with the woods, blast the rocks, build even more ill planned, fugly, generic houses. Don't forget to make sure it's easy accessible by car alone, no need for public transport. Oh, and we need a gas station too. Nevermind the Swedish strict regulations where gas stations can be built vs residential areas. Sure enough, after the gas station built was well on its way someone suddenly realised that building permit was illegal. Obvious to anyone but the permit giver.

To this new part residential, part shopping area a new, supersized Coop supermarket has moved. Previously situated a couple of kilometres down the road, easy acessible for the nearby neighbourhood and a few bus stations away from where I live. So instead of renovating an already working supermarket within easy reach for the customers by walking, biking, bus and car, they saw fit to move it and erect a new building with no easy access unless you live very nearby or have a car.

Building in 2018 should be all about sustainability and careful, smart planning, with practical solutions that don't revolve around cars and driving. Quite possibly too little too late, but still to be this *insert foul words of choice* stupid, ignorant and negligent is not acceptable.

That said, it seems like this new supersized Coop hasn't become as popular as they thought, partly because the nearest bus station is three kilometres away and you have to walk through a muddy construction area not fit for pedestrians to get to and from there. So Coop offer free, special bus rides there twice per week.

They don't exactly advertise the service. I've taken that bus once, last month. We were three people on it. And that's the usual quota. Ill-advised *service* is a kind word for it.

Coop makes a big deal of this new supermarket being sustainable, green and everything extra awesome. Myself I see food waste galore. Because there is simply no way they get that abundance of food sold while still edible. I don't like supermarkets, I want small, independent shops or at least smaller grocery stores that take the vast food waste problem seriously.

That said, this post has now reached the top of the grumpy, muddy hill and it will now be a breeze of positivity, sunshine and grand views on the easy walk down.

vegan food, march 2018 -

When visiting the Coop I discovered they had suddenly catered much more for vegans and there where a lot of new, organic brands present too. So I was admittedly a bit starstruck by that fact, in all my grumpiness. If money wasn't an issue and had this residence many mouths to feed I would possibly had bought a lot of nice, tasty, green things. But I settled for some old favourites and trying some new ones. Amongst them nicecream.

There was a whole wall full of different vegan icecream brands. I have never seen something like that, it was amazing. Hadn't tried the Ben & Jerry's vegan icecreams, but since I never liked their original ones which I find to be overloaded with sugar, I was most certainly not going to spend my money on a tub of that. No I had my eyes set on a Swedish brand. Until I saw the price, jeez. So in the end I went with a tub of Ben & Jerry's vegan chocolate fudge brownie, because surely that was cheaper than a nicecream that clearly had gold dust as a secret ingredient?

It was only after I checked my receipt that I realised that it was in fact 15% more expensive than the other one. I was in shock. For a nicecream I wasn't even that keen on. I'm such a fool.

I was really sceptical when I opened the tub. Had a spoonful. Died and went to nicecream heaven. Turned out it was in fact one of the best vegan icecreams I've ever had. Smooth, flavourful and not too sweet. The amount of chunky brownie bits in the chocolate was perfect. Did not find any visible gold dust though, which is surprising.

No plans to get another tub anytime soon, if it wasn't on special price. But then I had the homemade chocolate sauce for the Easter dessert (no, I haven't forgotten about the recipe) left over. And bananas. And always un-sweetened coconut cream in the fridge. Banana split sounded like a nice thing to make. So I needed nicecream.

Once again I was fooled by the B&J price, and saw another price than it actually was. In fact even slighty more expensive than the first time. April's fool I.

I'm afraid I'm well on the path of becoming the (not) so crazy cat lady that buys really expensive vegan icecream, because I'm worth it.

vegan banana split, april 2018 - ben & jerry’s x 2, coconut cream, chocolate sauce and peanuts

However, when I made the banana split that price seemed well worth its literally weight in gold. Because needless to say, this bowl of chocolatey, peanutty banana split was heavenly. Easy peasy to make, a banana (organic of course), whipped coconut cream (un-sweetened), a couple of scoops of B&J chocolate fudge brownie and peanut butter cookies, drizzle with chocolate sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.

sonny angel, march 2018

The third part of this post will be about work. Because on Thursday I got a call from Denmark about an interview for a communication position at a well-known, international environmental organisation, for their Stockholm office. I applied for it a couple of weeks ago, but while I don't doubt I'd do a great job and tick a lot of important boxes on their wishlist, the competition must be absolutely fierce, it's such an amazing opportunity.

The interview was scheduled for Friday already. It was a lovely meeting, I would love to get the job, a six months gig. Such a fantastic chance to make a real difference and work with passionate and like-minded people. Two details that warmed my heart at the meeting, there was a huge delivery of Oatly iKaffe oat milk in the kitchen and the head of communications had swam with manatees, twice. Obviously the position screams my name.

As usual I went into analyzing overload mode after meetings like this, what did I say, what didn't I say, what could I have presented better, what did they say, how did they react and act, what if, how come? But, as usual, what's meant to be will be, I can't do anything else but trust the process now. And no matter what I was so pleased to get the interview, I will always treasure that fact.

So, dear universe and the internets, fingers, toes and paws crossed firmly now, okey? If I could I would treat you to a heavenly vegan banana split to get you into a magical and powerful mood for it. But since I can't I will send you an abundance of kind thoughts of gratitude instead.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Sustainability 2018

PS The Ms Sustainability 2018 expression is courtesy of my ex-team mate, he had some brilliant and entertaining ideas along the way. When I think about that the whole situation is even more sad and incomprehensible. DS

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