Sunday, December 03, 2023

thank you november, welcome december 2023


And happy Advent 1st!

This could lead to another lengthy post, but I like to keep it short and focus on three things I concider the highlights this past month, of late November and early December.

This was fun, being interviewed by and on the November 2022 cover of this online magazine. If you’re an old reader here, you most likely now my story already, but I have to say that pondering my way through the answers was actually a bit of an eye opener for myself too. If you want to read the article in full, just follow this link

Winter suddenly appeared with a very heavy snowfall on these Stockholm and suburbs latitudes a week ago. It’s beautiful and light, but it also brings poor or non existing snow ploughing, issues and delays in public transport (as if things weren’t bad enough prior to the usual Swedish winter weather…) and colder temperatures. Outdoors as well as indoors with increased energy prices. Again. 

I try to look at it as beautiful and seasonally appropriate, as well as remembering how much fun it was as a child, to spend many hours in the snow playing. Not feeling very playful in the snow at this time in my life, but I’m ever so grateful for my Icebugs BU-Grips boots doing their job during yet another snowy, icy season winter season. 

It’s really difficult to imagine having survived all scary, icy streets prior to these boots. They really are life saviours. Now available in vegan versions too, so when these companions have been worn to pieces they will be vegan all the way for me too. 

Just this Friday I gave myself an early Christmas gift - a hair cut. It was exactly four months since my last one. At a salon. (And prior to that about five years since I last went to a hairdresser instead of DIY:in it.)

Could obviously have saved money for more important things, but I felt rather desperately blah (post October flu blues?) and treated myself to this. I’m happy I did. Somewhat shorter than last time. And the short bangs makes me look like my five year old self (with grey hair). 

Mysteriously the hair cut that aimed to focus on my curls and my natural messy look, have during the weekend turned into something more sleek and polished. I guess that transformation comes from having a professional giving attention to the details - as opposed to me being creative with the scissors.

Looking forward to washing it and have a go with my own styling products. As someone said, I like it to be effortlessly chic. Fingers crossed for that.

And December being a light, bright, joyous month with good vibes and happy news only.

Thanks November, for paving the way for that! 

(See, three things as promised.) đŸ€❄️🕯️

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possumlady said...

Wonderful article! It really captured the Pia that I've grown to know all these many years reading your blog. You don't know it but I do come to you to give me a little boost now and then. Also being single with no children, except for my kitties, I find it hard at times to get excited about upcoming holidays. Last year, I did not decorate at all for the Solstice or Christmas. Never had anyone over, so, why bother. This year, I'm making myself have a few things out and about that make me happy.

Keep up the good work! Even if I don't comment (I usually read your blog on my phone and I have never been able to comment from there), I always look forward to reading what Pia has been doing! Give your kitties a "boop" from me, and Happy Holidays!

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