Monday, January 22, 2007

The search for the ultimate skincare-products

One of my passions - if that's the correct choice of word for it or not, well that's another topic... - is looking for and trying out new and interesting skincare-products. And haircare dito. And perfumes. I'm not really sure when in life this passion occured, probably somewhere in my late teens I suppose.

Anyway, browsing through magazines, Internet and the most fun thing of them all, stores and boutiques abroud is something I really, REALLY like to do!!

Yes, in my early twenties I was a fanatic when it came to makeup too, especially products creating a flawless skin and lipsticks. But with age comes, hopefully, wisdom, and I realised it's far more useful in the long run, to care for the skin underneath all that makeup - so you don't have to use it. At least not that in that Dallas-look-kind-of-way.

In my, it seems, endless search for that ultimate skincare-products I have found some favourites along the way. Some of them still exists, some don't - the skincare-product industry's way of keeping the search endless perhaps...?

But there are two products I've sadly so far never found anything remotely resembling the ultimate ones; mascara and facial cream (day and/or night). Well, the ultimate mascara I had in the 80ies, its was something as simple as the Swedish brand Pierre Robert's cake-mascara (you know the one where you had to mix the dry mascara-cake with water - absolutely not saliva! - and the brush it on the eyelashes. W-o-w, that was really the wonder-effect you want, and the thing today's deceptive commercials can't fulfill. The search goes on...

Since Kiehl's now also has it's very own store in Stockholm - and not a day too soon! - I just had to invest in a new facial cream there the other day. A store of lovely, typically Kiehl's design and I must say I found the store clerk really obliging and fun - when I told her about the upcoming holiday (for which I bought a sun protection lotion) I got loads of samples and travelsize products to try out then.

And I also bought the famous Creme de Corps - which I'd only sampled before. And oh yes, it's GREAT, after only having tried it once the skin is so much softer!! My dry, dull Winter-skin is so much happier!

I do hope the facial cream turns out to be all that too - imagine yet another search which has then come to an end...

And yes, of course I'll return to the Kiehl's store, non-animal tested products, great service and quite alright prices in SEK. I promised to come back and show off my tan anyway, which I hopefull will get in som weeks - can't wait for all that sun-therapy!!

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