Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ungrateful pets & their amazing presents

Christmas or birthday, why of course, the household pet(s) should also get something in the way of a gift or two! It's especially fun when you stumble over something really nice designwise - like a FatBoy.

And with FatBoy I certainly don't mean the motor-driven toy that middle-aged men, longing for that long lost youth, like to feel between their legs... You know, that precious shining object on two wheels.

In took a while before we could decide if it was a good present for a small sized dog with friends or not. And then the colour/pattern was a bit of an issue (I still ponder over the fact that they don't make it in that lovely Marimekko-flowerprint for cats and dogs...).

In the end a red one it was. "Hidden" in the bathroom up until Christmas eve. Oh what joy wouldn't that bring to a small sized dog's eyes!

Eh, not, with capital letters, NO NO NO, it's too slippery, to stylish, too much of an effort. I do prefer to cuddle up on an old, stinky sofa cushion, or a simple blanket or in the sofa or bed if someone could please put me up there, said the small sized dog. With a very convinced look in his eyes.

I pose once, but never again, said the utterly ungrateful small sized dog, giving the photographer the evil eye.

Ah, those ungrateful pets and their amazing presents!

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