Wednesday, November 09, 2016

first snow 2016

Today I was going to blog about

a) the first snow that fell in Sweden/Stockholm a few days ago. And upload a sweet video of the overratedness of snow according to cats. 

But 1) the Blogger app oddly enough doesn't allow the uploading of videos from smartphones. 

And 2) today we experienced a crazy snow blizzard and traffic chaos followed (because as usual everyone but the traffic guys, whomever they are, know winters here still - despite global warming - mean snowfall) and the notion of hibernation seems awfully appealing.

The b) topic today was going to be about how love and intelligence trumps hate. And that despite all her flaws (and obviously not being the best option in an ideal world) how rather brilliant it is to wake up to a winter wonderland where there's finally a female president on the other side of the pond.

That didn't happen. And I am not surprised alas. Shocked and deeply saddened yes, surprised not really. A brutal wake-up call for us all. For the environment, for equality, for reason.

Ah, Weltschmerz.

So instead of those sweet topics I simply give you the army of kindness, compassion and cuteness in snow - because that truly trumps everything.

Keep on fighting the good, kind fight!



Unknown said...

Where I live, we have yet to have snow. In fact it has been warmer than normal! Great! (Touch Wood) They have had snow in Ottawa, Ontario. (Canada's Capitol city)
We won't speak about "the Trump". He is too close for comfort and he scares me!
The snow pictures look great!

Barb said...

We are stunned here. The election of such a vile person is not understandable. We are in despair. To the world, I can only say that we are so very sorry.

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