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marimekko unikko sneakers and sustainability thoughts

marimekko unikko sneakers, june 2018 - and zigne ❤️👅

A few months ago I stumbled over a really great article about a new book called "Vi Àr vad vi köper" (We are what we buy) written by a professor in PR and advertising and a cultural anthropologist. We are basically trapped in the consumerism pattern of the market economy and not at all the independent and rational beings most of us like to think we are. We buy our identities and personalities with the brands we buy.

marimekko flagship store, stockholm, sweden, may 2018

I haven't bought the book yet, but I've listen to a few of their podcasts and they are really interesting. I'm well aware I too buy things to reinforce my personality. As a LOHAS, as someone who love colours, patterns, good design but still care deeply about the environment. I could obviously do much better, stop buying anything but food and consumables. Haven't reached that point just yet though.

With the thoughts from the article fresh in my mind I visited the newly renovated Marimekko flagship store in May and saw this quote above from the founder. To sell a lifestyle, I've never really gotten that concept. Or rather, I've never understood why some people just want to fill their homes and lives with most everything (they can afford) from one or a few brands only.

Sure, I love some brands for their design, quality, durability, environmental efforts too, but I would never, even if I had the money, let myself and my home be a walking advertisement for the brand. What a sad void of personality and independent thinking.

marimekko unikko sneakers, june 2018

Pick some key pieces, mix'n'match with second hand and old things you love - and not everything old and loved need to reach the point of falling apart... -, that's my way of being what I buy.

Which brings me to the pod part 3 "Gisslan" (Hostage) about the clothes we consume, fast fashion vs slow fashion. Did you know that people in general buy 50 new clothes pieces every year? And that the average Swede have 160 pieces in their wardrobe?

I most certainly have a lot more than 160 pieces in my wardrobes - and I even had a massive clean-out about 15 years ago - which I suppose is rather embarrassing. On the other hand I have a lot of things I love to chose from, to mix'n'match with. I always sell or give away to charity more than I buy every year. Plus I most certainly don't buy anyway near 50 new garments annually, in fact I was even gobsmacked by that number. How is it even possible to justify, if the circumstances aren't very special?

marimekko unikko sneakers, june 2018

So how did I justify what was in this box? A snazzy cotton skirt (with pockets of course) and a pair of at least as snazzy sneakers? To be honest I probably can't, more than I have lots of old loved things to combine them with, they are of great, long lasting design and quality, design that makes me happy. Which in the big scheme of things aren't reasons enough. I know. But sometimes you just, for various reasons, have to...

marimekko flagship store, stockholm, sweden, may 2018

And yes the purchase was vegan. The pretty Unikko flower sneakers are made of rubber and recycled cotton canvas. And as you can see by my little red feline photo bomber (with her tongue out!) they have been paw approved. Looking forward to wearing them on a non-rainy day in a not too distant future.

We are what we buy, so what does your purchases say about you?
Are you proud of it or are you on the path of change?

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