Saturday, July 31, 2010

heart new slippers


Long overdue time I did get myself a new pair of slippers - the old, some 10 years or so, ones were/are pretty darn worn and torn and shabby. Still both incredibly comfy and somehow comforting to slip into... So while I won't be discarding them completely I now at least have something decent to wear when there are guests coming over.

Since I was looking for a pair of Birkenstock to replace the old ones I thought I might as well have a look in Germany. Turned out they were half the price compared to Sweden, and not even on sale. Ridiculous to say the least. And the range of designs on offer was quite delightful, and of course made it tricky to chose. But for myself I chose a cute sky blue pair with black roses and red hearts (model Dorian in brokenhearts grey).


For the mother was chosen a pair of light blue ones with beige roses. They are totally adorable and I fear I may be kind of jealous. Of the adorable slippers, not of her silly small feet (she on the other hand thinks my feet are silly big, hrmf...).

I had a slight glitch with the shoe per diem posting, but now it's sorted and I'm also posting on the blog not only in Flickr group. The heart slippers got to be the first pair of my shoes on the shoe per diem blog, care to check it out, please do so here ~



kc_millie said...

Very cute slippers.

Pia K said...

thank you, ckchan!

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