Sunday, August 12, 2018

the august wind in the trees

luddkolt’s british shorthair, july - august 2018 -

The temperature dropped with over 50% today. As luxurious and refreshing as it is with rain, cooler temperatures and to be able to breath (and sleep!) again, it's still quite disturbing with only +12C so soon after a month of many +35C days and scary drought. Global warming and climate change is a fickle, non-predictable thing.

There is no such thing as left or right, only back or forth, when it comes to dealing with climate change. But of course the internet trolls and reactionaries with dark agendas pop their nasty heads up with claims that climate change is a leftist conspiracy. When the ONLY thing everyone should be talking about now in the Swedish election campaigns, after this awful summer (even if it is too little too late), is how do we deal with global warming. But there's little talk about that, and still the same smearings as usual. With less than a month left to the election I don't see anything changing. How is it possible not more people suffer from serious climate angst?

The other day offered a glorious starlit night sky, a sweet late summer breezes. It was a perfect night to be dancing under the stars. I'm glad to finally get at least one opportunity for that this summer.

With cooler weather today was a perfect day to snuggle indoors, read books, listen to music, watching TV, contemplate life and take naps. Your know, your average relaxing autumn or winter Sunday. In August already.

Something I've enjoyed immensely lately is watching "The Young Pope". Being an atheist I was sceptical to watch something so intensely religious. But as I stumbled into an episode I found it surprisingly enthralling. Jude Law is brilliant as the young pope, a complex, multi-faceted character. It's so entertaining, thought-provoking and beautifully made, so much more than religion. Great actors and quite a unique story, one of the best series I've seen. I kind of hope there won't be another season, that would take the magic out of it I think. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it. (In Sweden it's still avilable at TV4 Play.)

Remember the intense recruitment process I was involved in earlier this summer, but I didn't get the job? As I had focused so much on that process and the job I didn't want to throw myself into another process, apply for more jobs with serious intentions. I wanted to spend this summer figure out what I wanted. But this summer has instead been a tiresome, hot and worrisome season instead, not a soul searching and planning one.

Then the recruiter that was responsible for the job above called on Friday asking if I had seen another job they had advertised, for which I was a great match? Indeed I had, but for the above reasons I had held off applying. But now I said yes to be presented for the organisation, an international NGO that does great and very practical work. So once again, fingers crossed this will be and feel right for me.

You know the popular phrase about "Be responsible and take charge of your life"? When in fact surprisingly often most of us spend a lot of time waiting for others to make up their minds, for the time and place to be right for action, for moving on. No human is an island, we most always depend on interaction with others to be able to move on in the directon we want. And sometimes in a direction we haven't even thought of, but nevertheless end up enjoying.

So, entering another week of August 2018, with cooler temperatures, I hope for good nights' sleeps, energy and inspiration returning, lovely job news of various kinds and life in general to pick up momentum, have more wonderful flow. That's not too much to ask for, right? Right.

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