Tuesday, June 11, 2019

hello summer dress 2019, blue hair, hot weather angst, wempowerment and other june snippets

marimekko summer dress 2019 đŸŒ±đŸŒžđŸŒ±

Say hello to summer dress 2019 - I may not have enjoyed enjoyed the blouse back in March, but I couldn't forget the delightful happy Marimekko pattern. When it turned out there was indeed a knee length dress I've had it on my wish list and now it has moved in. It's lovely. The weather so far has been undecisive, either too hot or rainy and chilly so I haven't found the perfect day to wear it yet. But there's many more days of summer still. (And hopefully some decent years and summers left for us all...)

books and cats, may 2019 -

I've finished one book in the little signed heap I got at the Feelgood evening last month. Thus ticking of 1 book on my goal-list of making it 5 read this month. I hadn't read 5 of the six authors before, so as I'm a finicky reader I'm not sure what I'll think of them. Time will tail (pun!). First book was okey, chic-lit clichĂ©s for sure but also rather enjoyable and with  good points. Easy and quick read. Not sure I'll be able to keep that pace up though, I don't plan every book to be easy reads.

vegan skincare 💚, may 2019 -

Two weeks use of the vegan, organic deodorant Nuud and I have to say it's been absolutely great. For me it works 3-4 days before I need a new application on clean, dry skin. And even if I need a new application it' never that obvious icky and more or less stinky feeling as with your average common deo. I always feel dry and comfortable. Free postage world wide, so it's definitely worth a try.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, may 2019 ❤️ -

Ztina has decided my forever rule of "no cats in the bedroom" rule doesn't apply to her. The galloping when she's awake and not busy with some impawtant stuff, when she hears me opening the door, might be considered legendary. And as she has been through so much I don't have the heart to not let her spend some time in there. Obviously she's good at making the most of her special need status.

blue hair, vegan colour refresh from maria nila, june 2019

Used the blue non-permanent vegan hair colour from Maria Nila last weekend. Huge disappointment. Nothing whatsoever like the lovely pink one that worked surprisingly well on my brown grombre hair. I guess it just wasn't a colour for darker hair, or grey for that matter. Ah well, at least I got a good hair pak from it. And I'm definitely up for trying more colours, they alas don't have green in their colour range, but a few reds and violet that might work.

vegan food and drink at home, may - june 2019 -

The hot weather last week (close to +30C) was obviously climate angst inducing. But at least it made me make by first batch of ice tea in my special Löv tea jug. I'm sure it would have worked well if I had actually had ice cubes ready in the freezer too. I only had frozen coconut water, and well, not really the same. I also think cold brewing ice tea is a much better solution.

blue skies gröndal, stockholm, sweden, may 31, 2019

Have a couple of job interviews booked for this week. Of which one especially is for a job that sounds seriously good. Also have a "you've reached stage 2 in the process"- task to finish. I'm a bit hesitant if it's a job I really really want though, if it's worth to put in the time to do it etc. But great thoughts and positive vibes, fingers. toes and paws crossed is always appreciated. While I keep on trusting that timing of the universe...

wempowerment vegan power breakfast at gigafood with upotential, stockholm, sweden, june 11, 2019

wempowerment vegan power breakfast at gigafood with upotential, stockholm, sweden, june 11, 2019

wempowerment vegan power breakfast at gigafood with upotential, stockholm, sweden, june 11, 2019

This morning I attended an wempowering breakfast at vegan cafe GigaFood (which is a WWF One Planet Plate-certified cafe ie every dish served is made within the boundaries of a healthy planet). Hosted by W.Empowerment and talk by UPotential, the gym for mental fitness. Great way to start the morning. But to be honest, everything they talked about, and the exercises we did, was a confirmation of where I already am.

wempowerment vegan power breakfast at gigafood with upotential, stockholm, sweden, june 11, 2019

After years of various reads, coaches, therapy, talks, workshops and personal development there isn't much I haven't heard a lot of times already. But yes, to get a confirmation of everything I've learnt, everything I've accomplished, how much I've grown, that's also a sweet thing. Just as this rawfood blueberry cheesecake was.

fjĂ€llrĂ€ven re-kĂ„nken kĂ„nken💙💚💗, may 2019

The pink Re-KĂ„nken has enjoyed a few outings. As have the vegan sneakers. And a gazillion outings for the denim skirt of course. And a decent few for green blouse. Block colours are lovely.

garden, june 2019

The hot days have meant some hours in the shade on the new sunbed - the old one broke beyond repair in 2016, the ancient one broke beyond repair last summer - I had forgotten how blissful it is to have one that's firm and restful. The not so hot, but still sunny days have meant a few hours in the sun soaking up some natural vitamin Ds. One must always be prepared for a sneaky feline hostile  takeover though. They think it's perfect for muddy paws and scratching claws. As I disagree strongly, it always needs to be put away when I'm not using it. Hopefully that will make for a few more yrars of excellent summer use.

luddkolt’s british shorthair, june 2019 -

I've taken the second shot against the dreaded TBE disease. Unlike the first shot, this time my arm was pretty sore for a few days. Will have the third and final shot in August, and then I at least won't have to dread the nastiest thing that can happen from a close encounter with ticks.

Thank you so far, June, you've been good. Let's continue on the path of greatness, m-kay?
xox, all gratitude,

PS Will now add pictures to the old few recent blog posts without any. Photos make everything better. DS


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi Pia; summer looks lovely in your area. "Katzabueseli" Swiss dialect for sweet kitties, are gorgeous, how time runs away. Enjoy your summer and the gorgeous colours.

Beth Waltz said...

If that rawfood blueberry cheesecake was as good as it looked, the time spent at the wempowering breakfast was well invested, Pia! I believe you'll also reap satisfaction from your investments in that bright summer dress and the comfy sunbed. Wishing you well on the job hunt: it's good you can move forward on this project without the distraction of a sick kitty at home.

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