Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sleeping sickness & cheese doodle weekend

It must have been something in this boring, grey - I wonder how many times I've written grey when describing the weather this autumn/winter... - rainy, windy and mild in temperature. Because I have just been so sleepy, so drowsy, so lacking of energy and eating boring stuff, and not very healthy things apart from all the usual carrots, for two days now.

I wonder if all these carrots somehow neutralize the cheese doodles, chocolate and muffins (yes, functional food-muffins from the Muffin Bakery, but nevertheless muffins...) that were my food of choice this weekend?

Mind you, I don't eat crisps, I hate crisps, so the ones in the pic aren't mine. Cheese doodles - and they have to be the originals from OLW, nothing else will do! - combine with crunchy carrots though, that's my kind of snack!

Although I now somehow feel a bit sick... Don't think I'll have anymore cheesy snack this side of New year... Think I'll just have some carrots the next time I don't feel like cooking. Or some crispy broccoli. Not with Barbara though, preferably with Daniel Dumbo in that case. In Venice.

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