Sunday, November 19, 2006

WCB # 76 - The more the merrier

The more, the merrier! This time around it's the gang of 3,5 in a basket that'll light up my part of the WCB this time around. The litter consisted of five kittens, three girls and two boys, but only three were able to fit in the ever-loved-kitten-basket. Cream coloured british shorthair, my favourite colour! And of course my favourite breed...:)

From left to right then, half a kitten is brother Egbert Ebberston, the girl with the sort of conehead-apperance is my darling Eulalia Eilean Donan, in the middle/front is Ermyntrude Eyam and to the right is Eggletina Embo.

The picture is actually eight years old, but I often use it when I want something mood-lifting to look at. The kitten I kept from that litter Eulalia is the granddaughter of Aurora from last weekend's WCB, and she really is one of the cutest cats and brits I've ever seen with a dollface expression and cobby body, cuddly-cutie and all mine!

The round-up of WCB # 76 you'll find here at

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