Sunday, May 16, 2010

all heart garland


One wee - or not so wee as it took a lot longer to actually assemble if not crochet - project I've actually managed to both begin and complete as lately. What begun with a wee single heart...


Turned into lots of tiny hearts with many loose ends...


The loose ends got tied and turned into...


... the heart garland.


Ever since I saw the sweet idea and pattern at cute Yvestown blog past Valentine's Day I've been meaning to make one myself. As the heart is one pattern-symbol-shape I adore (much like acorns...).


Even if the pink-red colour palette is my favourite I wanted to make this tad more summery and fresh, with a feel of green grass and blue skies with woolly white clouds. So I went with turquoise, apple-green, teal and off-white instead. I am pleased with end result and yes there will possibly be more such hearty garlands made by me (ah the colour combinations are endless and alluring...).


For now though this summery garland will adorn my kitchen window with its hearty, summery and hopefully brimming with good vibes appearance.


Titania said...

Hi Pia, such a pretty garland. Right for the garden, for a little celebration, heart to heart or tete a tete. (the French sign language is missing on my pc. Anyway hearts are always welcome. Have a very nice week. The pictures are very pretty.

Heather said...

That's a cute project! I might see if I can manage a heart and make some for the girls' rooms.

While I was in Germany last week, I spied a pair of El Naturalistas and thought of you. Then I bought them. Perhaps I will find a few moments to take a Pia-style photo of them.

Per Stromsjo said...

Imagine that. You could probably find matching colours for any situation. And always remember - more often than not, the loose ends are what makes life captivating.

Jacqueline said...

Heart bunting. Gorgeous!

Pia K said...

thank you, titania and jacqueline!

oh, heather, i hope you've found time to make some too! and the el naturalist shoe-photo, i STILL haven't seen it nore have you told me what model you went for *i'm so curious*!:)

per, thanks, and yes that's true about the loose ends, clever put:)

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