Tuesday, May 04, 2010

smart dog tuesday - spring has sprung


After months of draining days and a couple of weeks of hallo, my name is bronchitis, it's good to have the not so small blessing of being able to enjoy the odd splendid lush day of spring with one loaf dog extraordinaire who's always ALWAYS a.l.w.a.y.s happy, eager and game.

So when I got home today we had a long, good, sunny, exhausting and relaxing walk in the nearby woods. Life overall still is far from great, but days like this at least make things feel, if for the moment and day alone, not so tad better.


Along our walk there were lots and lots of pretty patches of wood anemones. Some were generously watered by loaf extraordinaire on spring duty.


When we had a rest at the viewpoint overlooking the nearby lake there was generous display of blue skies, fluffy white clouds and pink loaf dog tongue.


Then there was adamant drinking of water at a place that left a whole lot to be desired as far as trash is concerned - why oh why is the world populated with far too many nasty and inconsiderate people -


and as a round off there was first loaf bath of the year. The only reason for that being the chasing of mouldy bread thrown in water for the birds. Result: loaf 3 - seagulls 4. They gulls loudly protested about unfairness of result. Loaf too felt it was a highly unfair outcome.


As if the long walk in all its (loaf dog) glory wasn't enough.

When we got home the two-legged beings had tea and some simply divine oats-fruit-bran-nut cookies (tweaked recipe from 'Eat me!'). And I swear, something that flippin' amazingly tasty has to be good for every fibre of body and soul and life. Surely.



richies said...

What a cute dog!

An Arkies Musings

Poppy Q said...

Miss P, looks like your little loaf is having fun outside. What beautiful photos, and such a lovely day.

Those cookies look scrumptious.

pärlbesatt said...

Vilka underbara bilder och vad fint du skriver. Tack!

Lola Nova said...

Those photos are stunning! Looks like a very good for the soul walk and cookie :)
You seem to live in a very pretty area, I love that little lake and would enjoy taking walks there too.

Elizabeth said...

What beautiful pictures of Malte!!!

Ralph said...

Those sure are some really nice high quality pics, the dog is really cute :) It sure is a pretty place where you live. . Pay Per Click Services

Pia K said...

thank you all for kind comments, richies, pärlbesatt, elizabeth, alex, julie q and ralph!

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