Tuesday, May 25, 2010

good may day

I had another what I thought pointless and stupid meeting this morning. Instead I was blown away by all the positivity, energy, free thinking, efficiency, caring humour and good will buzzing. After two hours of talking, thinking, absorbing I had loads of stuff to do and think through. It felt fantastic to actually for once be on the same wavelength as someone who could really matter and make a difference. Sadly one rarely stumble over such human gems. I'm definitely going to make the most of this one. And make a change.

This week will be my last at the place that's really not me. Suddenly things feel dash lighter. And it feels fine to spend some more days there finishing things off. Just because I want and chose to make a decent round off not because I have to.

It's not the people in general at the place that's not me that gets me down, but the place and tasks (obviously). No matter how many well-meaning, unpretentious, fun, kind and competent people that one come across at a workplace, they sadly do not change an overall bureaucratic, unwieldy organisation with protectionist phalanges.

I had begun working with some interesting tasks, but as it is difficult to do a really good job when the customer is rather clueless on what they really want and need - add to that get high quality competence for free - I will pass it on to someone, anyone, whenever-one. And move myself on.

And hope (fingers crossed, touch wood, please bless) that a time for real, good and proper change has come. Not a day too soon I will walk my walk, talk my talk and do my creative thing. Still hoping.



PurestGreen said...

Great to hear you had such a positive day. Only good things can come when you have shoes that beautiful!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi there Pia
Oh, such news! I am so pleased that you are moving on from the not-you place and that you can venture forward to be your more creative and ebullient self - well done! This is certainly a self nurturing decision you've made!
Sending you many wishes of good times ahead and lots of fulfillment for you too,
Denise x

Michelle said...

Good luck with your new journey :)

I hope it is filled with many positive and creative new experiences!

Poppy Q said...

Look at you in your purple shoes!!

Pia K said...

thanks, purest green, and that's so true, only good things can come when wearing beautiful (as well as comfy) shoes!

oh, denise, as always a caring and lovely comment, thank you! and i learnt a new word, ebullient, great one!

thanks so much, michelle!

yeah, they're great, julie:)

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