Sunday, May 23, 2010

the 2010 king's meadow lily field


Saturday offered simply glorious weather - although I find it rather disturbing how summer arrived before spring had a real chance to settle in these parts - and it was finally time for the season inauguration of toy car - the car that magically usually blows all the troubles and miseries away. If only for a while it is welcome. Yes, so very much more than welcome these days - which was lovely in itself.


What made the trip even finer was the destination. The destination was a not known by many field with the sweet king's meadow lily (kungsängslilja aka fritillaria). Despite inside information to the magic place it took a while to locate. But once found, oh sweetness galore, a flowery sight for sore eyes.

And the lilies shared the field with wood anemones, cowslips, dandelions and others. Just beautiful.


I hope the sight and time spent in the field of such delight will help make another gruesome week feel tad bit better - yes, it's been five months and I still hope things will change the way I want sooner than soon. My constant companion called melancholy need a very long holiday. Better yet, a new best friend -

Here some glimpses of one day in May, a secret field in Sweden ~

If smitten as I am by this flowery beauty, see older posts on the king's meadow lily below ~


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PurestGreen said...

What utter astonishing beauty. Just colour, colour and more colour. Amazing. Great, great photos. I hope the increase in sunlight will bring you good feelings and joy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always, visiting your blog is like having a short holiday in Sweden!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, beautiful!
Fritillaria are amongst my favourite flowers and here you have them growing wild in a secret meadow - I am in awe, and just a bit envious too!
Perfect photos,
D x

Poppy Q said...

It is a blustery windy cool night here, and I so enjoyed your beautiful spring pictures Miss P. The warmth and sunshine can be felt here in old NZ.

I hope you can shake off your blues soon, I hate that feeling and understand a little of how you feel.

Thanks for sharing your world with us,its ups and downs.

Julie and Poppy Q

sapphire said...

Wow, have never seen such flowers before! where exactly was this?

they remind me of these bell flowers, cannot remember the name though.

Pia K said...

thank you very much for the sweet comment, purest green!

thank you kindly, xtiand, my pleasure:)

thanks, denise, aren't such secret hideouts THE best?!

thank you, sweet you two, julie and poppy q!

thank you, sapphire, it is a bit tricky to give directions - and we don't want hordes of people to discover such secret places, eh;) - we nearly missed it ourselves, but it is in the semi vicinity of norrtälje town in the roslagen area.

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