Monday, May 31, 2010

the granny square scarf


A year or so ago I revisited the making of granny squares.

As I said back then I really loath the tying of all the seemingly endless loose ends on said squares - technically not a Sisyphean task, but it sure do feels like an endless, mindnumbing one nevertheless - so when finished enough squares the various projects often are put on hold until I can muster enough energy to do the boring bits to complete the work.


A year later the squares have been put together and shaped into a very long scarf (because that's probably my very favourite accessory, a long scarf. One really can't have too many of those. Period.)


I enjoy the way the squares came together, the colours, the rustic yet delicate look. I'm sure we'll be quite happy together for a long time to come.

With this post I will round off the month of May - isn't it astonishing how quickly it swished by? - and I know hope the month of June and all summer will hold many golden moments of happiness and perfectness ~



Anonymous said...

lovely scarf. you're right. you can't have too many scarves. ;-)

cute dog!


Anonymous said...

Pia: Just wanted you to know that I've deleted my Facebook account but will be keeping in touch, of course, here and on Twitter. ;-)


Pia K said...

thanks, paz! yes scarves are addictive and essential in happy harmony;)

ah well, fb isn't for everyone (and if i may seem very active there it's of course just because i'm crossposting with twitter) hope to see/hear more of you in blog and twitter soon!

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