Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a brighter tweet


For this very last post of June I will share something that made me really happy on Twitter the other day. There was such a sweet mention from a blog reader ~

" @piaktw's blog posts are a great way to start the day. Fun projects, gorgeous photos, and a find-joy-in-the-small-things outlook on life! "

~ if that isn't a 140 characters tweet that can light up any day, then I don't know what will. So thank you kindly for it and all floppy ears, happy paws up, @EricaSuzanne!



Erica said...

And thanks to you, Miss Pia, for brightening my days with your blog :-)

Poppy Q said...

Malte you look very sweet with your summer haircut.

We don't get involved with twitter or facebook, blogging is enough of a timesuck for us.

Have a great July Miss P.

Pia K said...

oh, you're welcome, erica...;)

thanks, julie, yes with the heatwave we're having now a furcut is really essential. hard times still (and i'm not even that hairy). well i've become very fond of twitter, it's full of such interesting and important info (if you screen all the craps, well much like blogs really), not so much at all of fb (people seem very preoccupied with their own stuff and very non-interested in interacting with other *friends* and yes it is rather high-schoolish...), but i double post the tweets to fb so it might look like i'm totally into it... anyway, i can't say i find blogging a timesuck, more a labour of love for me:) even if at times the inspiration (due to life in general) is low...

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