Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the beekeeper locket


I know, not like me these days alas writing blog posts in a consecutive manner. But no reluctant but necessary rule without exceptions, so lo and behold a post today it will be.

As much as I love create and make jewellery including necklaces, for others and self, I end up not wearing necklaces a lot myself. Because A) 95% of the time all the year round I wear scarves and B) I prefer earrings before necklaces and wearing both at the same time tend to usually be a bit... too much of a good thing.

But sometimes I spot a necklace that talks to me (hey I want to come a live with you) and is too sweet to pass. Such as this wearable art brass locket (fully functional) with a tiny, dreamy beekeeper print. I'm not a honey-eater (my mother is addicted to the stuff instead) but that doesn't stop me from appreciating honey-like art involving bees. The finish of locket is delightful and the glass-like resin coating makes it kind of glowing and magic.

This limited edition (yes I'm so pleased I managed to snatch one!) locket necklace I got from the multi-talented Emily in her The Black Apple shop on Etsy. And I do believe it has brought me some luck when worn. On those 5% scarf-less days.



Jacqueline said...

Such a lovely necklace, a good find. I am like you and don't like to wear earrings and a necklace at the same time, feeling it is a bit of overkill.

Lola Nova said...

oh, I love it! Lucky you! reminds me I have not bought myself a piece of jewelry in years...must remedy that.

Coincidentally, I am now wearing the earrings you made, I wear them quite a lot in fact, like them I do!

Pia K said...

yes, one bestest find, jacqueline:)

i'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the earrings, alex!! and yes, a little piece of jewellery to treat oneself now and then is good, that i do believe.

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