Monday, June 07, 2010

shaved with cake


The National Day was spent in a lovely lazy way which involved the summer shave of Little Loaf - which he wasn't particularly happy about but stoically endured - painting of chairs (more of which later), pottering in sunny, hot garden, writing, crocheting (oh so much more later) and baking cake. All those little details that together make for a pretty darn perfect day as far as I'm concerned.


As non-happy as Little Loaf was with the actual shaving, as super-pleased he was with post-shave treat - greenie bone. The only drawback being it was far too tiny a bone for all that unpleasant time of shaving. Strangely enough the bones are always too tiny. Why is that?


Smelled so good, chewed so well. And then it was gone, all gone.


Shavers promised I would feel less warm and bothered properly shaved for the season. Not sure about that. I would have thought there would be more treats and cuddles followed with such unpleasantness. One greenie only and some licking of plates. Life's terribly unfair for little loafs.

Interested in seeing previous seasonal poor-me-shavings have a look here -
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The cake we enjoyed in the afternoon was first attempt on making a classic Swedish meringuey cream cake called "Budapestrulle" (Budapest roll). Traditionally filled with mandarines I went with raspberries instead. It was de-lovely and nutty. Quite the perfect round-off to a rather fine weekend ~



Lisbeth said...

Never heard of the Budapestrulle before but after googling I must say I think raspberries sounds better than mandarin.
I guess I should test my 'swedishness' by attempting to make one :)

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

That meringue looks gorgeous and the loaf is always super cute :)

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Cutie little loafie says exactly what he thinks; no bones about that.

Yes, the dessert raspberry roll looks delish...I would use raspberries as well, as they are really my favourite berries.

stromsjo said...

Good old Malte ! Let's just hope that all difficult moments in life will be accompanied by a greenie bone just around the corner.

Jannet said...

He's cute. He looks like a puppy again. Don't worry Loaf you'll grow the hair up soon. By the way, these pet care products at affordable prices might be what you're looking for. Good luck and more power!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Both doggy and cake look mighty fine! Malte looks very handsome with his new hair cut...

Beth said...

Always love to see your beautiful pictures of Malte!!!

Pia K said...

lisbeth, it's lovely when well made (which is far from always the case, chosing it at cafés is a lottery, it can be perfect - nutty, slightly chewy, not too sweet - as well as the soggy opposite), go on try make one:)

thanks, jacqueline:)

thanks, titania, ah yes, raspberries are the perfect berry/fruit i think!

yes, wouldn't that be lovely, per, if we all could have a perfect greenie chewy thing after having had a rough time!

thanks, jannet!

well, thank you too, afos.

pleased you do, elizabeth:)

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