Monday, June 21, 2010

summer solstice


That old, worn but oh so true cliché 'time flies' is most certainly apt for describing today's Summer solstice. Because after a long, hard, grim and cold winter spring never had a chance to establish itself before summer took over. And hey presto, here's solstice and where did that time go?

Ah but this early summertime in Sweden is such a sheer, green, grassy and gorgeous time of the year, the nights are long and light (love it!) and the mornings rise early (in general not loving it since I'm a night owl that likes my morning sleep-ins when possible and then I like to be slept in the dark. Even if, granted, sheer summer mornings are quite irresistable before any summer heat strikes the chord for the day...), and oh the scent of wild flowers...


I hope you're having -
had - will have
a lovely Summer solstice
wherever you are ~


P.K said...

Wishing you a happy summer solstice. It is a beautiful day here.

Poppy Q said...

I hope you have a lovely summer Miss P. At the other end of the world we are celebrating our winter solstice by cranking up the heaters and a big glass of something tasty.

Kea said...

Thank you for stopping by my Musings blog, Pia, and it's nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog!

I'm in southeastern Ontario, Canada, and find it rather discouraging to think we already are losing daylight hours now, albeit in tiny increments. I did manage to get some Solstice sunrise snapshots--I *am* a very early riser, definitely not a night owl.

But I find I must constantly practice present-moment awareness, not think ahead to the long, cold, dark, depressing months that will come soon enough. :-)

Pia K said...

thanks, p.k, we did have a pretty day here too i'm pleased to say.

trying as best as i can, julie, but all seasons have their pros and cons, at elast you can cuddle up indoors with good books, movies, crafts and warm drinks. that's pretty good too:)

thanks, kea! i'm the opposite, very much a night-owl (thus i do not like the light mornings we're having now but love the light evenings and nights:) mindfullness is always good (but difficult to practise always, sigh).

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