Monday, June 28, 2010

summer monday musings

I was looking through my blog drafts, then the photos on Flickr and realized there's a whole lot of planned issues that never will be put in blog because they are old news (as in no news?) and many of them have (sadly) with age seized to be of a must-write status.

It's probably about time that I come to terms with the fact that if I do not write something within a month or so after it happened or the thought fluttered around in my head I will most probably not write about it at all. Procrastination in all its understated glory, some things need to have a reasonable write-by-date.

I used to be so much better at almost instant blog writing, then life started to get in the way of blogging. And the planned posts piled up (much like the heap of books just not taking up so much actually space in actual room) threatening to bury me under their should-could-haveish existence.

So with not so little regret I do not think there will be any posts about ;

  • the once promised Cape Town delights (so 2007)
  • a certain feline museum in Amsterdam (also so 2007)
  • some cafés and restaurants (the shame)
  • some castles (more shame)
  • some food (fine, add more shame)
  • some perfect outings in and around Stockholm (yeah, me knows, s.h.a.m.e)
  • a certain Swedish zoo visit (very 2008 news, but the not writing thing isn't too bad because the visit itself actually mostly filled me with shame of being human)
  • more bits from our (as always) fabtastic holiday in England and Scotland 2008 (Scotty, please beam me up because I do long to be there again asap)
  • some skin care products worthy of their own posts - I will however soon make a proper nerdy essential post on beauty-products used and in use since last
  • some encounters with cows, sheep, cats, dogs, ducks and other birds, horses, goats, crazy and blissfully sane people
  • the return of the fox rescue squad and the teddy bear sanctuary (not the 2009 rescues anyway)
  • more bits on Athens, including the most fascinating cemetery (so 2009) as well as
  • the appalling situation for cats and dogs in Athens (which I ought to say a few words, but I somehow can't get to it. And even if I try to, and mostly succeed in, look at all the good and lovely things around us I am of a worrying and brooding kind. And at this time in my life I need to keep the brooding for all things not-personal-here-and-now in a tight leash. For that I humbly apologize to all heartbreakingly unfortunate cats and dogs in Athens and elsewhere)
  • some churches, some architecture appealing and some not, some art
  • some more bits from our grand summer holiday in the southernmost part of Sweden last year (even though Scania I love it is very 2009) but a few must-write exceptions there will be
  • the loaf dog swimming lessons of June 2010 (and only because the photos turned out so crappeticrap)
  • some previously shown glimpses of knitting-crocheting in progress (just because the projects have for various reasons been put on hold indefinitely. Signed, the mighty procrastinator)
  • more bits of Gdansk (so autumn 2009), however decision might be revised since it was such a lovely place and trip
  • old photo exhibits (no matter how fine, not fresh in memory they are)

What I can promise to write about in a hopefully not too far future though are;

  • a few perfect summer outings in Sweden (some old, some new, some revisited)
  • the other two local waterholes in my lush and rural suburban hood
  • some seasonal Swedish chocolate
  • a café that stole my heart from the very moment I opened the door and stepped inside (Poland 2009)
  • even more magic socks (but not until autumn is upon us again)
  • the must-write exceptions from the not-write-about-last-year's-Scanian-holiday
  • a few vegetarian cookbooks
  • a whole lot of read books backlogged (because I'm OCD like that)
  • some fine bakeries in the Stockholm area
  • some cafés (of course, just as long as the experience isn't too old)
  • afternoon teas (but not until autumn)
  • some food (as long as the mouthfuls are more in the here and now)
  • more upcycling, repainting, re-dressing, sprucing of tired old furniture
  • shopping finds
  • Etsy must-haves (oh do I have some things I'm totally excited to share!)
  • some more recent met cows, cats, dogs, birds and possibly humans worthy of a musing or two

And needless to say of course;

  • some loaf dog (and yet another hedgehog has bitten the dust) including great walks near and far
  • some cats (because they are very much in the here and now always)
  • some bright moments
  • some shoes (probably)
  • some yarn, some crochet, some knit
  • some thoughts, some life, some photos




Lola Nova said...

Looking forward to all of it!
Love, love the wee stool with it's lovely crochet cover, sunning!

Poppy Q said...

Miss P, sometimes we get the writers block too, even though we have plenty of stories floating around.

We would love to see some of you old photos, as you take such beautiful snapshots. Especially when it is grey and cool here, we love to see summer up north.

Smooches from New Zealand

Julie and Poppy Q

Hawk and Weasel said...

wow, plenty of untold stories! looking forward to the ones that will be told!

Pia K said...

thanks, alex!

thanks for a sweet comment, julie and poppy q, smooches right back at'cha:)

indeed there are, pernilla, sigh... but hopefully there will be new ones worth writing a line or two about.

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