Thursday, June 24, 2010

the perky turquoise stool

Yes, this will mainly be a post about a once very worn but now very perky old stool, but in order to get there I'll start with something else;


With some old things there's just no options than with a sigh say goodbye, no coat of paint that will make them come back to life and put a smile on your face. Goodbye I finally and well overdue had to say to ol' computer, for a long time reasonably reliable (as reliable as a computer will ever be...) but no longer keeping up with the amount of photos, info or demands I have (which are by no means unreasonable but for oldies they apparently are).

A little netbook named Selma might be a blessing and useful on-the-go-and-travel, but for daily business (and the lack of a decent screen) it's just not very practical or ergonomic. The new one has a lot of nifty things up its imaginary sleeve (that one has to get used to), it gladly accepts a whole lot of more photos and says yes to demands. It's clean, smells nice and new, I hope it will keep out of trouble, be faithful and make the life of me much easier.

This is the first blog-post it writes. May it be a good one and may there be many more to come.

Now for the things that can come to new life with some upcycling, some stroke of paints, a bit of yarn, love and time. A stool that was, beneath the perky paint still is, an old, to say the least, shabby looking one full of drill holes (as my father used it as a work- and drill surface). But it was, still is, a sturdy and uncomplaining being. As well as of a good size and comfortable height. Beyond its rugged looks hid something worth saving and transforming. From then to now, here's the short story of the perky turquoise stool ~


Before makeover begun


After a few coats of paint (hue was tad lighter and brighter than planned, but its Caribbean bright and perky looks makes me all happy and smiley)


The transformation would not stop at a coat of paint, oh no. The happy vibey granny squares I made earlier (before I even planned the revamping the stool) would indeed make a perfect cover and the crocheted cherry on the turquoise sundae.


The stool got its cover, the granny squares their stool. And all is well in the world of paint, yarn and blessed snappy new computers.

~~ Oh, and a happy midsummer to you too! ~~



Hawk and Weasel said...

Oh wonderful! What a difference, what a joy for the eye!

Poppy Q said...

It looks so much better painted, and I love the crochet top. Good work miss P.

pärlbesatt said...

MEN vad fin den blev! Och vilken fantastisk färgmix det var i mormorsrutorna!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Dear Pia, a fantastic transformation of the old stool. It looks so summery and fresh. Love the cover with the granny squares; Well done.

Pia K said...

thank you, pernilla!

thanks, julie (and yes i hope to see you set of chairs in new paint sometime too...:)

tack, pärlbesatt, jamen visst, jag kände verkligen att färgerna gifte sig så bra!

thanks, trudi, glad you liked!

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