Thursday, December 14, 2006

Beauty without cruelty

Yes I do like a piece of interesting, new (for me anyway) brand when it comes to most everything. Especially cosmetics and skincare. I'm a big fan of small, ethical brands, beauty without cruelty and nature based products.

One of these I found last Summer at the small farm-shop at the Anthroposophic society in Järna (a small communtity south of Stockholm), called Lisen's Organics Rosenskrubb (Rose scrub) plus Chokladkyss (Chocolate kiss - isn't that a great name, or what?!) lip balm.

The Chocolate kisses I gave to friends - whom I hope enjoyed them... - and the Rose scrub I've been using myself and it's great! I smells delicious, has a nice scrubbing texture (salt) and also contains mineral oils for a soft skin. You don't have to use lotions or creams after the shower.

The creator behind this small brand is named Lisen Sundgren, a herbalist and homeopath based in Stockholm. The lovely graphic design of the bottles is made by Hanna Werning.

The bottle is soon finished though, so I hope to find some other Stockholmian retailers. So far I've just found some of the products at Folkart webstore, but not the scrub... They used to sell them at Rosendal but I didn't see them the last time I was there... The search continues...

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