Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa's little helper WCB # 81

This is Siri, you have met her before. These past weeks she's been so very busy with helping Santa getting ready for Christmas - or at least that's an excuse that works well this time of year if you're a CUTE cat and in the way.

So in the pictures you'll find her - apart from once being so small she looked like a little cuddly toy in a teamug - having a leg in when some baked goodies a served - a nibble is never wrong! - overseeing so Santa teddy's cap is on, that the Snowman is of the right height and built, somewhat reluctantly posing for this year VIP-Christmas cards - and then of course check those cards out so they meet that very special, very high standard of Siri.

Having done all this hard work she now thinks she deserves a whole lot of rest, looking forward to her very first Christmas ever! And she is absolutely certain that this -massy thing must include some extra special yummy food for extra dotty kitty tummies -

she wish you all a very merry Christmas with joy for every one!!

The host for this WCB is Tiggy the tiny tiger at Tiggy's blog. The roundup is here.

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