Saturday, December 02, 2006

WCB # 78 - The Cat's day

Every year, for some years now, the first Advent's Sunday is celebrating as the Cat's day in Sweden. With different events in pet shops, at animal-shelters, cat-shows etc. This year though it's a whole weekend, this weekend to be precise, 1-3 of December 2006. My cats are going to celebrate it with some extra nice food mainly. How are you and your cats going to celebrate this year's Cat's day?

My poster boy for this WCB is my oldest cat, sweetheart Emil (his pedigree name being Solfläckens My True Lollipop), seal colourpoint persian boy. He'll turn 16 years old this upcoming spring. He's a cuddly, cosy one who sometimes likes to cuddle up with his fourlegged friends in the couch and other times he prefers solitude or my lap.

Unfortunately he isn't very photogenique, but he has a really lovely dollface irl!

The host for this weekend's catblogging is The Hidden Paw and the roundup of furry darlings you'll find here. *Meow*

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