Saturday, December 16, 2006

WCB # 80 - She laughs best who laughs longest

I thought I might write a few words about Prunella (aka Mini-Knut or just Mini since she's the spitting miniature image of her father, last WCB's Knut). She's an inventive, mischievous, life-enjoying oddball in redspotted fur.

From my own breeding, about two years old this neutergirl has a big appetite for life as well as food in general and ice-cream in particular - she was sold but came back home after some months with her friend and cousin above, Qlara (blacktortie). Since the buyers "had decided they were allergic to cats". If I sound bantering, it's just because it's not the fist time kitten-buyers tend to "cry wolf" with that excuse...

As you can see in the pictures above Prunella is always there when IT happens, whether it might be that lovely icecream on a warm Summer day, or that table full of shawls I'm working with or simply a suitable couch with a friendly companion. And in the end, she always ends up the best who laughs longest.

WCB this time is hosted by kitchenMage and the roundup of weekenders you'll find here

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