Sunday, June 29, 2008

Feeling Blue


Even though I'm neither quietly nor loudly crying in corner every day, because I didn't get that job I would most definitely had been great at, but still, I still find it *somewhat* annoying in many aspects... It would have been such an enormous relief to finally being able to breath and relax - and not most often having to remind oneself of breathing and relaxing - all summer, having a certain upcoming nice job to look forward to.

And not just more juggling the too-dumb-to-be-true-but-alas-still-being-too-true employment agency, muster energy and enthusiasm - although the new deal is, only muster energy and enthusiasm for those job and companies I really, very much want, quality not quantity - , calling, searching, looking, writing applications and...

Even though I take a bit of comfort in what friend so well put it, it was only my first, and so far only, application with a touched up CV and I got called for an interview immediately, hence being a good sign for applications and autumn to come. Perhaps it would have been a tiny bit too good to be true if I got the first job-with-new-CV...?

Even though there are - as usual - a whole lot of must dos, should dos and ought tos, I've been able to cleanse my mind from thinking too much of that all the time, and getting a bit of new and - if I may say so myself, *yes of course I may* - terribly appealing jewellery combinations together. Though, ahem, to be honest, with the main colour actually being nuance of... blue.

When I was once feeling so much more than just this shade of more manageable blue, I took great comfort in stumbling over and finding my way back to my once artsy creativity. It was just so very relaxing, unbelievably mind-cleansing hence being therapeutical in ways I hadn't realized until then.

But as everything has it's time I have been moving on and keeping quite busy with other aspects in life for some time now, not feeling very inclined to jewellerymaking - possibly feeling a teensie bit paralyzed with all the pieces I could maybe try and make something of, too... - until now.

But at the same time I'm really not as energetic about the selling-part as I once was (yeah, at least as much as a very-reluctant-sceptical-non-selling-personality-seller can be then). Which makes the productive side of things being kind of... superfluous. Hence making the relaxing, creative, looking for the right gemstone-pearl-bead-metal-enthusiastic part rather... silly.

Or perhaps what is really silly, is thinking in those terms, since creativity most often probably can never ever be wrong. This thing leads to that, and that project leads to another and so forth. And anyway, it's always good to find things that keep worries away, at least for a while, stocking up on energy, projects that makes us happy and relaxed, here and now, no matter what will come out of it.


But blue comes in many shapes and forms, and what never ever fails to comfort and delight are that special furry someone's very blue eyes.

My only question - for now - is, when will my box of blue finally open up introducing much coveted, delightful surprise?



John said...

I simply can't believe this cat's eyes. Just unbelievably beautiful. I think I said in your linked post that to me, they look like the Earth as seen from space.

He is TRULY beautiful. : )

Pia K said...

Ah, that's such a sweet comment - this time too:)

About his blue eyes, when he was a kitten and attending catshows his lack of really blue eyes where a bit of concern (for his breed) - I find it quite fun that his eye colour developed over the years and now is this extraordinary as a senior.

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