Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rambling Rose


This is going to be an all rambling post, about a few things that's been on my mind on and off, but as single subjects really don't deserve a post of their own. And having said that I suddenly realize I can't remember more than a very limited few of those things. And they're basically all about blogging (nerd). At the moment. Which makes me think I really should make a note of making a note of them when I my regularly occuring moments of tossing-turning-thoughts-swirling at night...

First thing then; I'm really not a fan of the widget/gadget/overabundance-in-the-graphics-department. I for the most part like to keep things fairly simple, a light play with colours, fonts, photographs and of course let the words talk, is just the way I want it. More stuff than that gives me a figurative headache, I'll move on and never return to that website/blog. If I don't absolutely must.

However, not being a widgety kind of gal, I do enjoy the odd visitor-counter and so forth. And having waited for the numero 100 country to visit - since I made this particular counter appear on the blog - it felt unexpectedly non-mawkish when it finally did the other week. The number 100 visiting country was Saint Kitts and Nevis, a place I only extremly briefly had heard about earlier. Now I do know a bit more, just because of this little widget counter.

Conclusion - widgets can truly be mind-evolvingly good for you

Since then the counter has turned 101, haven't really figured out which country that last one is though. Welcome anyway, I hope you found something useful/readable here, perhaps even enjoyable enough for a return visit.

Second thing; Be warned, if you found above widget statement a bore, skip this part, this will continue down the widgety path. I refuse to think I have too little *real* things to occupy me, at the moment, instead I now and then find it very important as well as amusing to browse through another one of those counters. The more detailed counter, where you can find all sorts of interesting bits and pieces concerning visitors.

Like for instance, there's no surprise some companies, governments, authorities don't function so well, since some of them seem to have a whole lot of time scanning or reading and returning to a certain blog. And since I'm so well aware of the fact that there are trillions of more fantastic, world-turning, well-written that actually make a difference blogs out there, I'm sure they also scan, read and return to them too on a regular basis.

So even if I possibly feel slightly flattered about these visitors - even if they never show the courtesy of leaving a comment - this will be my...

... Conclusion - widgets can also be a tiny part of the evidence-puzzle that some people/functions out there should really make a firm note of actually working on the job and solving the important international problems they're hired and paid/funded for, instead of surfing the blogs

Third thing; When I find that a possibly new visitor has browsed the internet for a certain topic and found a certain post of mine that is - believe it or not - pretty darn boring and silly written, I kind of hope they'll give the blog another chance and do a random, or not so random, swoop on a much better post. Since IMHO, there are better post to be found and read. And. No. I. Do. Not. Have. Too. Much. Sparetime. This is important stuff too. In it's very own *minor* way.

Conclusion - things will always continue to improve, give it another go. That is, if it's not the overabundance-graphics-kind-of-thing...

Fourth thing; When I actually do find I have too much un-occupied time on my hands, I have been found to amuse myself with online translations of my own blogposts. *Easily entertained introspective twerp*. It's absolutely hilarious, talk about a more than rather completely useless blunt instrument!

Conclusion - don't trust the internet

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