Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shopping Bag

080692 018

Behold, new and cute shopping bag from - hardly no surprise, one of my favourite beautyproducts companies - Kiehl's!

Offwhite cotton with a quite adorable, naïve print made by a Swedish designer - darn it, name unknown to me - half the sum of the most affordable price 75 SEK (about 12 USD) goes to Naturskyddsföreningen (the Swedish Society For Nature Conservation). Which might have something to do with the cotton in the bag probably not being the eco-kind, but hey, it's a good step to pay for emission licences too!

Unfortunately the bag can't be machine washed, since the print will then vanish, but I'm sure it'll work just fine to handwash it now and then too.

When possible I try my very best, with more or less success, to have a re-usable shopping bag tucked in my handbag du jour - and the Kiehl's one is definitely a new favourite! Since I'm a passionate saver of, not only the more tangible things now and then but also, words and expressions of wisdom and experience, I also enjoy the quote on the other side of the bag -

"Love what you do, put your heart into it and you will be rewarded"

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