Thursday, June 26, 2008

On Windowboxes And Such


My windowbox pansies of spring season have seen way better days. Pretty soon I think I'll have to exchange them for something flowery new. What usually thrive here is petunias, but I'm thinking of going out on a crazy limb chosing something quite different.

I saw these windowboxes at a backstreet in the city the other week, despite being in shades of purple I thought they looked kind of adorable. Maybe these - if not exactly the ones in those boxes... - should be my new flowery companions in the windowboxes on the streetside of the house?


Do you have windowboxes? If so, what flowers, plants and colours do you prefer to have in them? Any wild suggestions as to what undersigned should try?


Titania said...

Soft powder blue Ageratum with Petunias in differnet pink hues would look great and compliment the colour of your home. Dianthus come in a wide range of colours and when you look out of the window you get also a nice whiff of their perfume. Please go to Kerri's blog, she has planted the most beautiful windowboxes, for some good ideas.)

Pia K said...

Thanks for those useful tips, Titania! I will certainly look into that when I swing by the nursery.

And Kerri's boxes look gorgeous, the lovely petunias look very familiar to me then, sometimes I've mixed them with lobelias, but these "wild" combinations are stunning!

heidikins said...

I wish I had a windowbox! I have always liked them. I think you should plant things that you like, things that smell lovely or look beautiful. (I realize that I am stating the obvious here...sorry 'bout that!)


Pia K said...

That's quite alright, heidikins, sometimes we all need a nudge in the *obvious* direction...:)

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