Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Like It Hot


This past week we've experienced a heatwave at these latitudes. On the one hand I'm delighted the sun is shining, since it always makes everything seem so much easier to deal with, on the other hand it's plain weird that it's this hot, this early in season and the once very lush garden is suffering a lot. I'm not one to water a whole lot of lot hence the garden is now basically submitted to Darwinism (only the fittest survive).


The cats and loaf doggie probably isn't to happy about the heat either, they tend to seek refuge in shade or indoors - which isn't the best solution since in this house indoors is pretty much as warmed-up as outdoors - with some exceptions. The liquorice trolls who are always running and playing no matter the temperature, bouncing black energy balls of fluff.


Then there are some who actually think a bit of sunbathing in the hottest spot is the thing to do - since you never know whenever there's a cold snap and the door to the garden isn't opened all day. While others now and then show signs of desperation to find a reasonably cool spot to get some rest in. Entry hall floor is pretty decent for that.


Myself I'm torn between enjoying the sun with heat and seeking shadow and ways to be able to relax and cool down. Enjoying a fruit smoothie is one way to do that. This particular one was lovely - vanilla-elderflower yogurt with raspberries and mango, swirl goes the blender, top with psyllium and sunflowerseeds, makes undersigned's tummy very happy.


John said...

I see my big birthday boy likes the hot sun and I WANT THAT SMOOTHIE!


Pia K said...

Well, John, close but no cigarr, the sunloving furry one is actually birthday boy Knut's older halfsister Eulalia
- but hey,it's perhaps not easy to tell one form the other...;)

Smoothies are great!!

Per Stromsjo said...

How anyone can enjoy this scorching weather is beyond me but I suppose there's a climat for every taste. I'll remain in the shadow and order a double smoothie. Well, make that a triple. I think John will need a refill as well.

Pia K said...

For some odd reason I've no problem with heat when on holiday oin warmer climates - but I'm less and less fond of it at home, heat like this somehow doesn't go very well with Sweden.
Anyway, refill's coming up!

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