Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 1st = Summer


... and as far as I'm concerned nothing says Swedish summer quite like a slow sway in a hammock or a hammock settee on a warm day. Accompanied by a good book or day-dreaming away. A dash of bliss.


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

sounds good to me - sadly, our summer still hasn't really arrived. Any hammock-swinging would therefore be a rather wet and soggy affair!

John said...

It's beautiful NATURE Pialand! Looks comfy and relaxing. Pialand couldn't possibly have any bugs, right? And no humidity too? Dibs on the hammock? ; )

Love from the States.

Pia K said...

aforkful, and being a soggy bottom boy isn't really something to strive for I guess...;) Late July we're popping by your green island, I promise the weather will drastically improve then, touch wood, we've come with sunshine and hot weather every time! :)

Thanks, John! Alas this one is not mine, instead I'm looking forward to the season premiere of my very own hammock settee. Which won't be faultless, but contain both humidity (like today, oh my...:/) as well as bugs - and a whole lot of furry things:)

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