Thursday, March 04, 2010

clever cat thursday - crowded

I have this baby chair - of a rather clever multi-purpose design - that was mine when I was a wee one. It recently moved in with the intention of being used as a free-standing flower pot.

But as with all things moving in that are possibly roomy enough to host a cat, that it soon did. Oh do they love to snuggle in it with a cosy blanket. A blanket that the loaf master huffs and puffs over and drag down most every evening (or when he thinks he doesn't get enough attention) to in perfectly reasonable loaf order claim as his. That done he mostly go lies on an old cofa cushion instead, soon snoring contently.

At night, from bedroom, you can hear him struggling with the dragging down of blanket from high chair. Yes there might possibly be a cat sleeping in it while said dragging is ongoing. In the morning chair can be found standing in weird places. Always without blanket.

The chair is quite small and has room for only the reasonably small - well, as small as a rotundly shaped british shorthair can be said to be... - cat. Or so I thought.


Because when I got home the other day,
I found not one but two dotty tummy types in it.


And as much as those two love to share a cushion
the sharing of high chair wasn't feasible.


Or wanted.
Help, please


This time age went before beauty,
and littlest dotty was forced to jump down
while mother dot (very pleased with herself) claimed her right.


Colleen Courtney said...

Your cats are so adorable!

Jeany said...

yea,,your cat is so cute

Pia K said...

thank you both, colleen and jeany!

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