Monday, March 01, 2010

monday bits


Despite it being officially early days of spring as in March, I have to say, thank you for snowing. Because I really can't stand the snow slush galore that was the weekend. And when weather decide to go melt, pretty please melt in grace and little by little. Please, please and more please.


The weekend that was - far too short, alas as most times these days - consisted of some fine things, such as precious cuddly times.


The knitting of woolly collar for what I hope will be a happy recipient. I had every intention of making one for self too. That was before I realised it made me look completely neckless. Clearly not a flattering shape for me.


However I did discover that the shape of woolly collar was rather perfect as a hat-ish thing. Its shape reminding me of ' Bright Star '. So I just might do some tweaking and make a hat of it for me instead.


Said bye bye to old tulips (which showed such beauty in decay)...


... and hallo to new ones.


Have had a persistent urge for turquoise nailpolish for some time now, haven't been able to find the right hue. Still not sure if this is it, but at least it looks bright and perky and makes one wanna dance in snow (at least for a second or two). And yes I know, I have to practise my once were nail painting skills, the paint should be on nails only. Or so I've heard.


Saw a simple recipe for chickpea soup with rosemary in newspaper DN (Dagens Nyheter, that's The Daily News), made it today (but as raw onion, olive oil or rosemary twigs aren't my idea of edible garnish I changed that for soy sausage, edamame and radish) and it was ridiculously simple to make and quite delicious.

Now I wish for happy week to come, that's all ~



pärlbesatt said...

Nähä, gjorde du OCKSÅ toskansk vintersoppa? Jag är snart inne på min tredje omgång, fast jag är lite ortodox, så för mig blev det silverlök (som jag annars aldrig köper). Inte vitpeppar dock, det gillar jag inte. Och jag fryser när jag ser din tåbild....

Lola Nova said...

Wooly collar is lovely, and I am liking it as a hat!
Soup looks delicious and tulips so pretty.
Very much liking blue nail polish and cute dog:)
Wishing you no slushy muck.
Happy week to you too.

P.K said...

Speaking of turquoise nail polish, OPI makes a good colour, I don't know if it available there, but if so, do check it out.

Pia K said...

jajamensan, pärlbesatt, och så himla god den var! ingen fan av rå-aktig lök, så det passade finfint att ta det istället kände jag.

thanks, alex, for a perfect compact comment:)

i've looked at opi (yew we have it too) but can't find a decent turquoise hue, do you know what name/number it has, p.k.?? i'm thinking i might try some of their alice in wonderland-range instead. no fan of glitter, but they look rather nice and quirky...

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