Monday, March 08, 2010

on international women's day

Whether the International Women's Day is a day for celebration or not is debatable. The world is after all, after all these years, still so very far from having equal rights and equal opportunities for all no matter gender - or specie for that matter.

I read a tweet that gave food for thought on this day - "Kvinnodagen bör vara en skamdag för oss män. En påminnelse om att vi ännu inte har uppnått jämlikhet. Eller snarare tillåtit jämlikhet." which translates "Women's day should be a shameday for us men. A reminder that we have yet to reach equality. Or rather, allow equality."

Because it is and should be that simple, half the power, the whole salary, it's such a basic and healthy notion and in this day, age, century very much should not be a strange and threatening idea to anyone. Sadly it is. Still.


That said, my day as a woman, human - who hasn't reach her full potential yet, though reasons for that most probably due to other power structures and factors than gender non-equality -have been rather lovely.


There was Spring and noonday thaw in air past Friday. It still is. So Women's Day or not, celebrated in stripes today was. For me and loaf.


As usual loafie is such a (reasonably) good sport when it comes to stripes. Not sure which one of us that looked most beguiling really.


The broccoli pie I had planned to make turned out really lovely, crispy, chewy, crunchy, fresh and springy all at once.


Then I had an eager (now de-striped) loaf helping me chose the right recipe for dessert - to be honest helper is more fascinated by the fabulous kitchen buffet than the perfect recipe/book, so I went with my own ideas instead. And then I had to sample one of these banana bran muffins (with peanutbutter and sunflowerseeds too) to see if they tasted good enough to serve without shame. Oh yes they did, they certainly did. Garnished four just for fun and spring prettiness. And of course in celebration of a rather pleasant day for the woman undersigned.

Happy day ~


Mrs. Ink said...

I love you photos, have a happy day and have a great celebration on woman's day for you ;)

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Pia K said...

(better late than never) thanks for a sweet comment, 3sna!

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