Friday, March 05, 2010

friday friends and coconut tops


Today there was definitely spring in the air! Sun shining, bright blue skies, birds singing and snow melting, happy vibes. So when I got home there was an distinct urge to make, bake something springy and sweet in celebration.


Coconut tops. Easy to make, look sweet and perky, though, personally, texture- and flavourwise I prefer Sniff's coconut cookies.

As is probably very obvious by now, I most always have a very keen loaf shaped photo assistant. Today I was most fortunate and got two, as redhead decided it was time for seasonal snow exploring.


For some precious moments life was perfect (and herd free). In snow. With spring in air. And Friday furry friends.

Happy weekend ~


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Great Pia; quality time with your wonderful Reds and baking delicious goodies. Lovely photography, looking closely one can see and feel their joie de vivre!

Pia, I have left you a comment about your Hoya which is shy to bloom.
On "Titania Everyday" 19.feb.I have a post about lentils and a delicious recipe. No meat.

Hawk and Weasel said...

Gud vad de gör sig bra i snö!

Sirkka´s photo and art said...

Vilka söta kompisar du har... :o)

Pia K said...

thanks, titania! i will have to check those posts out, lentils and hoyas, sadly life gets in the way of writing and reading blogs these days...:/ i hope to be able to pick it up again in a not too far future!

jamenvisst gör de, hawk and weasel, och så blir det snart gröngräs och då blir de fina oxå;)

tack, sirkka!

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