Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wild cherry tree solid perfume

I had my eyes set on some more hand cream only - because the amount needed and used since I began shuffling paper the way I have since January has been on a never before seen level - but when I stepped inside the L'Occitane shop I was of course soon enthralled by all the intoxicating fumes. I sniffed my way around shop and there was this utterly adorable pink mini tube (size of my thumb) that said wild and cherry and perfume ~


It's a solid cherry perfume turned into a stick with a covering cap hiding inside a sweet pink cardboard tube with the cutest little birds in a cherry tree painting on it that so remind me of those old Russian babushka dolls. In other words, it screamed out for me to buy.

A clever little thing to have in handbag for quick scent touch ups during the day, a naturally flowery delicate scent which lift the mood and is as far from intrusive and obvious as can be.

Simply sweetness in a pink tube.


Lola Nova said...

What pretty packaging. I like so many of their products but, do not indulge as I would like to.
Always nice to have a little something to lift the spirits!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Pia
Oh what a beautiful purchase! I'm sure it will lift your spirits whenever you use it and you'll have friends and colleagues wanting to try it too.
I hope you are well and feeling brighter about your work now. Sending you lots of positive Springtime thoughts and a big hug,
Denise x

Forever Feline said...

Ooh la la I like!!!

Poppy Q said...

Ohh that one looks sweet Miss Pia, I might see if they have any here in Wellington.

I like a small perfume to carry around in my purse too. My newest one is YSL, parisienne.

Have a lovely Easter weekend, hope you do something relaxing and fun.

Pia K said...

it's good to treat yourself now and then, alex, so i hope you get to do that with something l'occitaney soon:)

thank you, denise, for a sweet comment as always! even if i should have replied earlier, time flies and my situation has changed workplace wise now, for better and for worse i suppose one might say...

glad you do, forever feline.

i agree, it's so nice to have a wee bottle of something nice smelling in purse, julie, it so lift the spirits i find.

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