Sunday, April 29, 2012

å å å and z z

årvar and i

Only a few days later really, but the blue boys had grown so much upon our arrival back home. So I'm pleased to re-introduce you to Årvar -

årvar orford

who might or might not be a British Longhair, I've never had one, but nature surprise us when least expected and he does look like a miniature blue Chewbacca... Be as that may, he is absolutely the cutest little fluff imaginable.

ågaton alnwick

Ågaton - the bluespotted brother, with an expression to melt any heart and

åskar oxburgh

first born in the trio, smallest of the three, Åskar - with a mischiveous personality already.

But the two first ones to great me when I came home were the Z-sisters, curious, cuddly, purring, delightful as always. Cottonball Ztina 


and little Miss Redhead Zigne


Oh, when it comes to household members I'm truly blessed, I know.


Unknown said...

The new generation of kittens are certainly gorgeous...they are spectacular additions to your household.

pärlbesatt said...

Vilken vykortssöt kisse Ågaton är! Och de andra är fina också, förstås. Men vad stora Z-flickorna är redan, vad tiden går!

Det är mycket här, med fönsterbyten, ommålning, fasadrenovering (dvs en massa spring, borrande, flyttande av våra saker som alltså ännu inte riktigt fått landa), men jag hoppas vi kan ses framöver...

Elephant's Child said...

Blessed indeed. Oooh and aaah are the only appropriate responses. Thank you.

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