Wednesday, April 18, 2012

current things that make me smile


A few *things* I'm enjoying right now - with the current state of Pia being a battle with the cold-virus-whateverish, energy level is perhaps not zero but still very close to that. Half way through the course of penicillin and other medicines, not nearly my usual self yet but at least the air pipes allowing me to breath more properly again - are as follows;

tre knäppisar, mamma, dotter, dotter <3 #kattliv

Sharing the very shabby sofa - that will meet its maker once the blue boys have moved, no need to get a "new" sofa until then - with these three loveable oddballs. And hey, make that four.

loaf in the company of cats #kattliv


The very stylish (not) shaving of little loaf, complimentary the vet. Well at least it's very airy, low maintentance and will grow back.

well hallo there prosit's new phone

And then there's a new iPhone in da haus, bobbaloo inspected of course. Basically the only, or at least the very main, reason for updating is the way better optics. I rarely carry around the DSLR in my handbag these days, I never use a compact, but make do with the iPhone - it's good to challenge one's quality standards and such... - thus this is a good and versatile little gadget. The Prosit gadget. Which of course needs a decent protective case. There are so many nice ones around, it's tricky to chose. But it's a nice issue, a proper, silly luxuary problem to take one's weary mind of other issues in the current state of me.

Plus; there are scillas in the garden.

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Elephant's Child said...

I adore the furs. Even the most uncomplimentary photo angle for the Loaf.

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