Wednesday, April 11, 2012

perky gardening 2012


Easter weekend was quiet, some of the things on my wishlist was granted by the Easter hare, some not. The weird cold did not go away alas. Well into my third week of blah I'm so glad I have an appointment with Dr Feist tomorrow. Since 2009 it seems like April and May have been generally bad health months for me, too bad, since they are such nice Scandinavian months, generally.

When I'm feeling better again I will be most happy to make use of my new pruning-shears, yay I got the violet one named Viola! And a matching little spade, because matching is good for you. Plus an extra shears on super sale. Red. And a little scissors for the key-chain. Yellow. All from classic Finnish design company Fiskars.

Last Easter, violet shoes, this year violet pruning shears and a spade.

I'm again reminded about the fact that I lack an Easter yellow bobbaloo. And a violet one. To name a few. Oh dear.

How about you, have you bought something nice and new for your garden work this season?



Sienna said...

Add a little colour to the tools, to make light the work....You are going to have to teach those Bobbaloos to help! LOL

The Elephant's Child said...

Love the coloured garden implements with the bobbaloos to match.

Becky Berry said...

Absolutely love the violet babbaloo!

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