Tuesday, April 10, 2012

byno and chanel coco blue


Yes, in case you hadn't noticed before, in my world having a colour matching bobbaloo for every occasion is very important.

When it comes to nailpolish I do heart the blues and the greens, red and pink just isn't my cup of fingernails tea - yes, that wordplay was a tad gross, sorry - so even if the cost of an OPI polish is my general limit I did splash on this Chanel one recently. I drooled over it when I first spotted it in a magazine some months ago, but it didn't arrive in the shops here until just now. So I had plenty of time to make a little market research about price vs quality and people seem to think that a Chanel polish is THE polish where these two go hand in hand.

There's a blue Chanel spring trio this year, this one being the lightest one, in a hue that reminds me of pale 80ies jeans (hate them) but which luckily is pretty awesome on nails. The two darker blues, prettier imho, where just too similar to some of my other blue polishes, so I went with this one. It hasn't chipped yet, but then again this past week has been a slow one and I haven't exactly worked with my hands as I usually do. But I enjoy it very much, it's perky, pretty and unusual. It looks great with pale winter skin, I'm thinking it will look wonderful with a tan.

Yes, you can spend your money more wisely, for many reasons, but sometimes a nailpolish is the perfect little treat, for many other reasons.

What's your favourite nailpolish colour? Any special brand?



Erica said...

I am a nailpolish-aholic. My collection of polishes is ever-growing, and the blues and greens (and lately, purples) are also my favorite shades. But, like you, I just cannot justify spending a lot of money on a bottle unless it is really high-quality polish. I've heard that Deborah Lippman and Chanel are *the* top polish brands but have yet to try either. So, I would love to hear how the Chanel does on a more busy week for you!
My favorite less-pricey brands are Zoya and China Glaze. For whatever reason, I cannot wear OPI without it chipping within 24 hours of applying it. Though they do have some drool-worthy colors, that is for sure!

DahnStarr said...

My poor nails. They haven't been getting much love but when they do I also like OPI and China Glaze. Found the brand Pure Ice for a real cheep price and it has been fun to use even though it doesn't hold up very well. Color wise, to the dismay of my daughter, I tend to stay within the pinks.

Poppy Q said...

I only ever paint my toenails, and only buy one new polish every season, and tend to stick with that colour. This year it was a glitter gold colour. I saw a lady wearing a similar one, and it looked great with my birkenstocks. I felt sparkly all summer long.

Essie do a nice range, and you can get them cheap on ebay.

Your blue does look pretty though.

Julie Q

Elephant's Child said...

That is indeed a pretty colour. I am busy gardening my heart out so my nails are having a v hard time. In a little while I keep promising myself.

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