Saturday, April 21, 2012

aha honey honey

honey honey

I've never liked honey, too sweet, too distinct a flavour and all those times you were *forced* to drink honey water or honey milk when you had a cold as a child, brr... But my mum is a great fan of honey, a honey addict even and today is her birthday. So honey it is.

Tomorrow we'll go on the Helsinki-trip after all, too much trouble postponing it, so here's to what hopefully will be a lovely trip despite health not being what it should be! The honey mum deserves a good treat.

In my efforts to cut down on and eventually hopefully exclude dairy products from my diet - because I've finally reached the point were the dairy industry utterly disgusts me - I've found that honey round of the taste of tea in a similar way to milk. Unfortunately I've also found that loose tea in general has a more bitter tang to it than tea bags, honey just can't disguise that.

Soy- oats-, almond- etc milk isn't an option, it may work with coffee, but completely ruins tea flavour. Thus I'm working my way through different kinds of honey to see if I can find a favourite for tea.

Do you have any favourite honey brand/flavour? How do you take your tea? And what do you use instead of dairy products in general?


Anonymous said...

I try locally produced honey wherever I go. However, nobody in my local mountain community (my favorite honey) ships. Darn! What about certified organic milk for your coffee or tea?

Erica said...

Have you tried Kara Coconut Milk in your tea? I have a friend who went dairy free and is a tea drinker and says it's the only thing she's found that is comparable. She swears that you cannot taste the coconut flavor when it is combined with tea. It might be worth a shot!

I hope you have a wonderful trip! I cannot wait to see your as-always gorgeous photos.

Elephant's Child said...

Rice milk? I have very similar problems. Soy milk is vile in tea and I haven't quite got brave enough to test rice milk. It is really nice with cereal though and has a fairly neutral taste. Please let us know if you find a milk substitute which doesn't ruin tea.

P.K said...

I don't put milk in my tea, I just stopped. Although I use organic skim for coffee. I don't like dairy very much, and I find other substitutes vile. Avoiding dairy I found required a complete change in diet, a challenge. I use local honey only. (buckweat is my favourite, a strong flavour)
Enjoy your Helsinki adventure.

viridiana said...

No milk in my tea. I like to drink it as is, no milk, no sugar. But maybe it's because I'm italian, and here in Italy tea usually comes with lemon in it, not milk, and lemon changes the taste a lot.

I usually use chestnut honey, I love its strong flavour, but in the tea I'd prefer something less strong, like acacia or orange honey.

Poppy Q said...

I'm not a huge honey fan either, but a bit of clover honey (quite pale) on hot thick toast every now and then is quite nice.

It must be all the honey or jam sandwiches I had to eat for lunch as a kid that put me off.

Julie Q

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