Monday, June 17, 2013

being in a happy place, part III

shoe per diem

Some other changes I've done recently which I truly believe have had an impact on my mood, health, focus and attitude are;

:: As a vegetarian I've obviously never eaten Omega3, but when I looked into causes for high blood pressure, the insufficent levels of potassium etc and lack of that can be a major reason. So I began looking for vegan options - and isn't it great that you can always always find great, natural, healthy options to using/killing animals for food and supplements! - and found linseed oil capsules (in some rare cases one has to take algae supplements too).

And I have to say it has made such a difference in so many ways like not having sore muscles and joints anymore, something I've especially experienced this past year (something which I haven't complained a lot about, but which have been constant companions).

My complexion is brighter, my hair feels great - more great than bad hair days, huzzah! - my mind is clearer, my ideas more, my energy levels are higher, I sleep better, there's no constant undercurrent of tired-to-the-boneness, in general I feel more in tune with the here and now and the world somehow.

:: I also find it easier to accept that some days I'm not really in tune with people and the world outside my own little haven at all, I simply embrace my inner introvert. Because I know that the next day, next week I meet some awesome and inspirational being and both ingredients, solitude and social activities, are necessary to make me thrive.

:: I've also rekindle with my old iPod - and the pink speaker - and on it is music I have so many good memories of which instantly put me in a good and inspired mood. And I turn up the volume to the max and dance regularly to old tunes. Pink office is so darn awesome for many things!

:: And as mentioned before there are several exciting projects in the works, which are madly inspiring and we laugh a lot while working. Having fun is probably so so much more essential than one ever thought. Because there will always come bleak and awful days, to fill the rest of the time with laughter and fun is important. And realising that it doesn't make you less of a professional, less competent really is key.

I love embracing my Jill of all trades-personality. And interact with people who think alike but also compliment my skills with their awesome skills and competences, of which I know very little or nothing. One doesn't have to know or master everything, just use and master the things one love well.

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Elephant's Child said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Kea said...

That's a lovely upbeat post. Though I must say, I've been taking a high dose of Omega-3 for at least several years, but haven't experienced the benefits you have. I do think it helps my mental health somewhat, though.

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