Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my 5000th instagram photo

summer stockholm

My views on photo editing in Instagram has certainly changed since this post two years ago. Why not make a good motif looking its best?

I haven't been to another Instawalk, but the Instagram app and social media definitely remains one of my favourite medias.

Today I posted my 5000th picture on it - I'm glad it was a capture of a glorious, sunny, summer day in Stockholm that made number 5000 (sans bobbaloos, but they got a pastry anyway). The photo above.

Like with most anything I capture, edit and publish in whatever way, I want my Instagram-feed to be inspiring, showing a slice of my life, being my portfolio, many tiny little photographical paintings to be enjoyed.

Do you use Instagram?
Do you enjoy it and use it regularly
or is it just another app/media?

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