Sunday, June 02, 2013

to potter with pottery, part II


If your memory is really really good (exceptionally so actually), you might remember the collaboration I planned with my talented friend the potter last autumn? My very humble and seemingly simple contribution were to be making different, quirky knobs to the lids of her sweet pots.

Well, I sure did have ideas already back then -

which I always do, it's the follow through, actually turning them into reality that sometimes might be my stumble issue. These days I've come to the clever, ahrm, better late than never, conclusion that if I talk about it with others, involve other people there's really no escape to actually DOING it. Better late than never realisation, I guess you have to reach a certain point in life to go for the "little less conversation and more action" bit... -

but it never seemed the right time or situation to actually turn those knob-ideas into reality. Even if there was neither any time limit nor any limits to what I could do knobwise it just never felt right. And admittedly, not feeling the creative juices flowing, seeing the pretty pots on the shelf was a constant reminder of not fulfilling a promise, a nagging source of bad conscience.


But lately several really lovely things have happened - I haven't blogged about them because they are still not ready to be revealed, but they are truly happiness instigating and more than ever I think about that "when the stars align" thing, with opportunities happening in odd and fun ways - and I've felt borderline madly creative (but not to worry, all the best people are more or less bonkers, deems Alice in Wonderland). So just the other day it was time to feel creative urges for the pot lids.


The pink lid got a polka striped crocheted cotton string knob.

The green lid got a little wooden elephant and tiny shells on waxed linen string knob (elephant and shells I got in South Africa, apart from making a necklace once upon a time I haven't used them until now. Making that knob I realised how much I'd like to get back into making jewellery again.)

The white lid got a slithering snake kind of knob made of cotton yarn and glass beads.


Bobbaloo approved, enthusiastic little woolly thumbs up. Although at a time it nearly turned into a scary sequel of the curious incident with the cat in the daytime.



But thankfully, no bobbaloos were harmed by a little redhead in the taking of these pictures.


Do you have a favourite one
of these pots with knobs?


Elephant's Child said...

These are beautiful pots. I think that I like the elephant and the beads lids best, but that could change with a second, third or later look.

Poppy Q said...

Cute pots Miss Pia.

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