Wednesday, May 27, 2015

interstellar the movie

It was a long long time since this happen. This in this case being blown away by a movie. Especially a movie which isn't your typical action filled sci-fi movie (not that it lacks action, just but not the usual action oe has seen a gazillion boring times) but something incredibly moving, thoughtprovoking and plausable.

But I've been just that today, blown away. By "Interstellar", which I had barely heard of. And oh no 2 hours plus 40 something minutes, this will be tiresome.

But after 15 minutes or so I was mesmerized and intrigued. And bawling my eyes out the last 15 minutes.

See it, it will be 169 minutes well spent. And you will get a lot of brain, heart and tear-duct exercise while doing it.

1 comment:

Feisty Harriet said...

Yes, such a great movie! SO many things to think about!!


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