Friday, May 22, 2015

the annual toy car road trip 2015

today was the day of the annual toy car outing with a couple i only see once a year (which remind me of that post about friends for different occasions i wrote a few years ago 'insert link').

every other year they get to plan the trip and chose the destination the other we do. this year was their's and we got to see a

really cool senior apartment complex. not my cup of tea for various reasons, too modern and soulless being two, but i can see the appeal and positive sides for some.

we popped by an italian delicacy market. which focused too much on body oarts of dead animals unfortunately. but i got three interesting egg free pastas. 

had a really lovely lunch (this carrot and white cabbage salad - divine. this sourdough bread - delightful.) at an unexpected place we'd never gound on our own.

nice asparagus soup, but a bit too creamy and heavy for me. the toasted garlic/herb bread though - heavenly.

this huge wall in the restaurant made of real books and stuff and spraypainted in white. so inspirational!

i learnt that my passion for artisan, small-scale production is bigger that my uninterest in alcohol. the visit of this liqueur, punsch and whisky distillery was fascinating and lovely. and they have a MEAN alcohol-free spicy apple glögg (mulled wine).

however the bobbaloos were less than impressed: too few food breaks in general, no small sized things of wonder and worst of all, no fika!

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