Thursday, May 21, 2015

like a boss with a fancy for colours

prosit ord & bild ab - office on the go, may 2015

This must come as a surprise, I know. That I would stoop so low as to buy training shoes instead of something proper and real from El Naturalista or ART. But fear not, a new pair of lovely summer sandals have been invested in a while ago too.

The reason for these trainers is simply that I've been meaning to start my days with a power walk for a long time now but I haven't gotten around to getting a decent pair shoes for this purpose. I'm so not a trainers person (obviously), it's a jungle of brands, models and prices out there, I have no inclination at all to try my way around boring sporty shoe shops and I'm certainly not going to pay a hefty price for something as dull as training shoes.

But then I got a newsletter with 'sales on trainers' recently and this colour popped. At a very decent price and from the various reviews it seemed like a good shoe. And vegan at that. My first impression was that they are so LIGHT! I'm used to the sturdiness and quality of El Naturalista so this was a surprise. Other than that the model is nice but I decided I need to return this pair and go up 0,5 in size. Love the colour too. Ideally I wanted a pink/orange pair but just as long as they're in bright, fun colours I'm happy. And comfortable obviously. Hopefully the new pair will arrive tomorrow already so I can take them for a power walking spin this weekend.

Though enough about the shoes already! Do you see the pink awesomeness I'm holding? A fabulous pink stapler is something I've looked for for the office for quite some time now. In vain. Either there are no pink or they have a crazy price tag. This one wasn't exactly cheap, but a reasonable price for a quality piece in pink.

the perfect match, prosit ord & bild ab and the strawberry pink stapler, may 2015

Retro classic from Rapid in Strawberry pink - and if I didn't know better I could have sworn it grew out of my office wall! It simply takes the word matching to completely new heights. Awesome, essential office supplies are the best.

And good shoes.

The best boss in the whole wide world totally agrees with that. I'm so grateful and glad I can call her my boss.

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