Wednesday, May 06, 2015

social media marketing for creative professionals

prosit ord & bild ab

Today Prosit and I held an inspiration talk on social media marketing for creative sole traders (artists, actors, directors, art directors, singers, musicians, dancers and alike) at the Theatre union. It was really enjoyable and interesting, for me too. Lots of discussions and views on different social media channels, preconceptions and very varied opinions depending on age and profession. Seriously fun and developing. Got lovely feedback and it was a nice boost, plus I see room for future change, improvements and fine tuning.

I had great help from certain clever felines and small sized woollies of course. The Power Point presentation used I later compiled into a slide share - in Swedish only. It's a lot of information and a synoptic take on different social media channels which makes better sense combined with a talk and discussions obviously, but it might be inspirational without that too.

inspiration talk on creative marketing in social media for creative sole traders, may 6, 2015

When I got home I thought a lot about how I myself can change my marketing and perhaps try new channels. By now it's obvious I'm no fan of Facebook, I may use it but not enthusiastically, I also do it as a part of social media management for clients but when it came to my own company page I created in March 2012 it wasn't published. Because I just couldn't be bothered with Facebook as a channel for my target groups and potential clients. And as long as my other channels work that's fine. I'm a firm believer you should use the social media channels you feel comfortable with and do best. And when you find clients and assignments that way it is a sign you do it right.

But today, after the vivid discussions about Facebook as a sometimes decent marketing channel for creative professionals I got curious and decided to go public with the Prosit Ord & Bild AB Facebook business page. But I don't see myself as being very active on it from here on, my three main channels are still LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Though I will try it out, see how far it organically reaches (no boosting or advertising, that's so not my cup of tea) and if it possibly will send any new and interesting clients my way.

To me there are no universal truths or foolproof marketing strategies when it comes to using social media channels. There are however good advice plus common sense that give you the best prerequisites to success. And as most things in life, what's considered success is of course up to you, your expectations and needs and not what any "experts" and others say or think.

Try it. Embrace it, even love it or discard it. Go with your gut feeling. And have fun. Things do work much better when you're having fun. That IS an universal truth.

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