Monday, May 18, 2015

the prosit office cat at your service

prosit ord & bild ab, may 2015

The pink Prosit office, the awesome place of work with its happy lights window is a familiar sight by now.

It is also a place where cats are strictly forbidden. Something which usually works really well given the closed door.

The other day however, this was the sight that met me.

prosit ord & bild ab, may 2015

'Welcome to your office, obviously I'm a given feature. The perfect source of inspiration. Adding a touch of glamour. And hair.'

In an unimaginable way Ztina had managed to open the office door. Taking her rightful place in the cosy thinking chair. Waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Her priceless expression of blatant obviousness. The nuisance mixed with complete lovableness.

She certainly made sure I got it.

prosit ord & bild ab, may 2015

But really, things will not change. The Prosit office is still an off limits-area for four paws. You may be a Prosit sister, but you'll have to work you're magic on the other side of this office door. And that's that, little miss Furry Cuteness.

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

Good luck. Having found her way in, I suspect she will continue to work magic. A closed door is a challenge.

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